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Photo by Lynnette Hoffman – Winlock Historical Museum

Roy Richards has spent his life putting together pieces of history in Winlock. He LOVED the community and was adored by many. In 2008, Roy and his wife Linda opened a museum called “Renegade Rooster” just outside of the small town, to showcase the story of Winlock.

Linda passed away in 2011, but Roy continued her memories by sharing the collection with visitors from near and far. Everything was free at the museum, including a stick of pepperoni and old fashioned soda for those who came to visit. There were no posted hours for the museum. If Roy’s car was in the driveway of his next house, it was probably open.

Many of the museum’s artifacts reflect Winlock’s legacy as a great egg farmer. The building is filled with vintage collections of everything imaginable related to the history of Winlock. The original Winlock switchboard is one of the first things you see when you walk through the front door. There is an extensive collection of old newspapers dating back to the early days of the bustling little town. Decades of Egg Day memorabilia are proudly displayed. There are thousands of photos documenting so much history!

Sadly, the doors to the Renegade Rooster closed on October 26, 2020, when Roy Richards passed away suddenly at his home in Winlock. According to the terms of Roy’s will, his personal property must be sold. Winlock Historical Museum has been given the first option to purchase all or part of Roy’s Renegade Rooster Museum. The Winlock Historical Museum is a very small, non-profit town with an extremely limited budget. The Winlock Historical Museum cannot afford to purchase much of the collection without your generous donations.

Securing all of the museum’s contents and moving the Renegade Rooster to a new location would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. As wonderful as this option may be, every dollar we can raise will go towards preserving as much history in Winlock as we can afford. No donation is too small. The more money we collect, the more items we save! Anything that cannot be purchased by the Winlock Historical Museum will likely go up for auction and end up scattered across the country.

Roy spent his life assembling this collection which was loved by his city. Help us secure the donations needed to preserve the history of Winlock!
If you prefer to send a check directly:

Winlock Historical Museum
P.O. Box 632
Winlock, WA 98596

The Winlock Historical Museum is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

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