“What a waste”: the historical museum of Nolensville vandalized, window smashed

NOLENSVILLE, Tennessee (WKRN) – The Nolensville Police Department is investigating the vandalism of the Nolensville Historical Museum on Monday evening.

For decades, the museum preserved small pieces of history, but it only took a few minutes for some hard work to be destroyed.

“What a mess, what a mess to clean up, and then we have a lot of volunteers working really hard and someone came and destroyed that,” said Michelle Jenkins, museum director.

Police said the vandals threw “bricks and stones through the museum window.” Property and museum pieces were damaged and destroyed.

According to Jenkins, a local Boy Scout troop was gathering in the museum’s community room when they noticed the damage and quickly worked to clean it up.

According to Jenkins, someone drew graffiti on several items at the back of the Nolensville Historical Museum. (Michelle Jenkins)

“There are shards all over the trophies, in the photos, in the clothes,” Jenkins said as he moved the remains of the glass. “Basically, they got it wrong with their own community, with their own neighbors, which is disheartening. “

In 2009, Williamson County leased the 1937 school building as a recreation center to the company. Restoration began to return the school to its 1937 glory. As of March 2012, the school was listed on both the National and Tennessee registers of historic places, increasing the potential punishment for vandalism.

While most of the glass has been cleaned and the window replaced, Jenkins told News 2 that it was the crimes that took place before Monday that worried her.

“We’re here all the time and noticed labels on the back of the museum in the same area where the window was,” Jenkins explained.

She shared photos of recycling cans, doors and trash cans with graffiti paint covering the museum property. Now Jenkins worries that this might not be the last time the museum is targeted, saying, “So we think it might just escalate if we don’t ask the community for help with the rock and brick situation. I’m afraid it will go even further.

If you have information on vandals, call the Nolensville Police Department at (615) 642-6702.

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