Visit to the historical museum of the Iris Ceramica group


Google Arts & Culture allows you to virtually visit more than 2000 museums, archives and galleries from more than 80 countries around the world that have decided to share their history, art and culture in collaboration with the Google Cultural Institute.
As of International Museum Day, May 18, 2022, the Iris Ceramica Group Historical Museum has virtually opened its doors to display part of its collection through the platform provided by the famous search engine.
The Iris Ceramica Group Historical Museum opened in 2019 and is included in the Museimpresa network, an Italian association of museums and corporate archives promoting the conservation, appreciation and transmission of the know-how and culture that have made the history of “made in Italy”. The Google Arts & Culture allows you to build a personalized route, choosing from the vast collection of images and content available or following one of the four stories offered, constantly updated: “A history of technology and innovation”, “Our communication milestones”, “Our extraordinary materials“, and “Our commitment to a sustainable future”.
The physical museum is installed in the Bandin the historic premises of Fiorano Modenese. Materials, images, documents and videos, taken from the company’s archives and recently produced, allow visitors to discover the evolution of the ceramic district in Italy, in the footsteps of this great industrial company founded in the 1960s by Romano Minozzi and now under the direction of Federica Minozzi. A fascinating journey to discover through one of the four stories that make it up. For example, visitors will be able to follow the evolution of materials, the development of increasingly efficient projects that anticipate market demand. Or plant innovation, with technologically advanced production lines that have reached zero emissions before the deadline set by international protocols. As well as the evolution of communication strategies, using ironic high-impact advertising campaigns, artistic performances and websites such as Floornature. Last but not least, discovering the milestones already reached and the challenges the Group has faced in contributing to the creation of a world in which the production system and the habitat in the territories can coexist, guaranteeing new levels of well- be. being”.

Images courtesy of Iris Ceramica Group

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