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RIYADH: A new digital platform aimed at bringing together Saudi communities through leisure clubs has been launched in the Kingdom.

The Hawi initiative, part of the Saudi Quality of Life program, was unveiled at a ceremony in Riyadh’s King Abdullah financial district on Wednesday.

Via the platform, a nationwide marketing campaign will be conducted on October 21 to promote the Hawi community under an Arabic hashtag, meaning Find Your People.

From pottery making, fashion and collecting valuables to crafts, public speaking and reading, the platform will offer hobby clubs that any age group or gender can join or create to develop their passions and connect with like-minded people.

Khalid Albaker, Quality of Life program delivery support manager, told Arab News: “Leisure in the Kingdom was a sector that was absent in the past. There was no official space representing it.

“When we talk about official spaces with the participation of government sectors that allow an individual or a group to create their own club or join an existing one, we provide them with a complete space.

“This safe space creates societies fully supported by government entities,” he said.

Twelve sectors contributed to the establishment of the recreation platform, including the Ministries of Education, Environment, Water and Agriculture, Media, Sports, Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing, as well as the General Civil Aviation Authority, the General Audiovisual Commissariat, the General Entertainment Authority and the Presidency of State Security.

The program aims to encourage community members to pursue their passions, develop cultural richness and appreciation, and create greater opportunities for members of the public to engage and connect under the values ​​of respect, of curiosity, liveliness, humility, interest and innovation.

Meshal Al-Rasheed, director of strategy for the Quality of Life program, told Arab News: “We created this organization to make work professional, to allow anyone with a hobby to register a club and to examine the club and the people involved across government sectors.

“It’s a reliable platform, even in terms of security and community. Anyone can sign up and be comfortable and practice their hobbies.

The program launched a pilot version of Hawi last year.

Al-Rasheed said, “The pilot launch of Hawi has achieved very good results. We’ve established 155 hobby clubs and reached 25 cities across the Kingdom, and the numbers keep growing.

“The turnout was tremendous, and the awareness and passion was huge; even though the accompanying media campaign was only launched today, the official launch, many people were interested in logging in and registering on the platform,” he added. .

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