The Soo Line Historical Museum offers a historical look at Weyburn


The Soo Line Historical Museum houses the largest collection of silverware in the world.

WEYBURN: Weyburn has a real gem that few people know about, with the Charlie Wilson Silver Collection housed in the historic Soo Line Museum.

The visit of the current Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Russ Mirasty and his wife on Saturday reminded us of how amazing this collection is.

The main reason they were here was to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee as she marked 70 years as Commonwealth monarch.

Weyburn Tourism had a brilliant plan, with disruption caused by Saskatchewan weather, to combine a High Tea event at the museum and to invite the Vice-Regal couple here not just for the Queen’s Jubilee, but to see the largest private in the world. holding money collection.

We have had high level visitors to the collection before, as I noted in the journal archives I had photos of former Lieutenant Governor Jack Wiebe visiting the museum.

But with everything that’s happened in the last few years, like the loss of two years of business and tourism and all that, it was a very good idea to kick things off by promoting the fact that the museum of Weyburn is home to the largest collection of silverware in the world.

Our outgoing Director of Tourism, Larry Heggs (who finished his job here on Friday), is right to say that it is seriously under-promoted, and few people in Weyburn and those outside Weyburn know that it ‘is here.

During the vice-regal couple’s visit to the museum, a great-nephew of Charlie Wilson, John Shelly, dropped by and shared facts and stories about the man who collected these items.

He noted that a good friend of his was the legendary auctioneer, Herman Lackey, and he was able to procure several items at auctions.

Another fun fact: the eight-legged calf on display at the museum came from Wilson, and sat at the foot of his bed when he was alive.

Noting all the clocks on display, Shelly said they were all in Wilson’s living room, and if he had visitors, conversations should stop at the start of the hour until all the bells rang. clocks are finished.

If you haven’t seen the collection, or haven’t visited in a while, you should check it out!

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