The Polk County Historical Museum guides you through past areas

BARTOW, Fla. — In one of downtown’s finest buildings, you’ll find the Polk County Historical Museum.

The white building, silver rotunda and clock on top are a focal point of downtown Bartow.

Inside, you can take a trip through Polk County history.

You can browse the exhibits and read all about Polk County history.

Myrtice Young, Polk County Historic Preservation Officer, said, “We would like to say that we are the custodian of Polk County’s history. So you come here, you get an introduction, you get a little insight of what our ancient history was like, and then we send it out into the world on our Heritage Trail, visit history as it happened and where it happened.”

Customers can browse the museum’s exhibits on their own or request a tour. You can even find out how the building came about.

“One of the most interesting things about our history, specific to Bartow, is that this location was dedicated, the land this building is on was dedicated by cattle baron Jacob Summerlin. And he loved this area. He amassed a fortune moving cattle across the state and was really happy with Bartow, so he dedicated 120 acres of land because he wanted that area to be the center of government. , is that we built a courthouse, one of his requests was a school and two churches,” explained Jeune.

There are exhibitions for everyone, young and old. In fact, you might notice things are different if you’ve been here before.

“We have permanent exhibitions. But we exchange artifacts, we have changing exhibitions and changing programs. So when you come, it’s a text-rich environment. So it usually takes two or three visits to go through the galleries and find out what we have here,” Young said.

You can find out more about their events and exhibitions by clicking here.

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