The locals did not want the historic monument to be demolished, it is now the “most beautiful” McDonald’s in the world

A historic structure has been restored as America’s “finest” McDonald’s in Nassau County on Long Island, United States.

In the 1980s, McDonald’s initially purchased the Georgian-style Denton House with a plan to demolish it and build one of its signature restaurants in its place. But, as the local community struggled with the move, it was restored by the company and designated as a historic monument in 1988 instead.

According to Mirror, it was bought for $ 1 million because the crumbling building had been neglected for years, but the move was met with overwhelming disapproval from locals fighting to save one of the oldest structures in the area located at New Hyde Park in Nassau County on Long Island. According to historians, it was originally built as a farm in 1795 and was home to Joseph Denton, a descendant of one of the founders of the town of Hempstead and his family.

In 1860, the house was renovated into a Georgian-style mansion, reports Gothamist, but later it was transformed into various restaurants, most recently named “Dallas Rib” before McDonald’s bought it in 1986. The old house was in ruins and damaged. The company therefore wanted to demolish it and build a standard restaurant. But due to outcry from the community and the battle to save the house, she was saved, persuading McDonald’s to restore it.

A multi-million dollar restoration plan was agreed and in 1991 with an agreement to protect neighbors from noise and odors. The 12,000th McDonald’s in the world was opened in a fully restored building, the only one in the United States, reports Initiated.

The exterior of the building has a balcony, a large entrance, shutters on the windows aiming to match it with the images of the mansion from the 1920s, still hanging on the walls. It was built around the original features of the house, making it “the finest” McDonald’s in the United States.

McDonald’s is written in black above the front door of the house, along the busy stretch of Jericho Turnpike.

The regional vice president of McDonald’s in New York said Initiated that when they bought the building it was a “disaster, a real horror” with pigeons everywhere, but they had to “empty the building, bring it down to the rafters”.

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