Tallaght community outraged and seeking answers after destruction of historic monument

The community of Tallaght was shocked when a historic monument was toppled this week.

Much to the horror of residents, a 200-year-old bridge was destroyed as part of the development of a social housing project in Sean Walsh Park on Whitestown Way in Tallaght.

The bridge is believed to be one of the last pre-1843 bridges in Tallaght and possibly the wider county area.

When South Dublin County Council approved senior housing in 2018, it reassured residents and pledged to preserve the bridge.

Work began on the project earlier this year and members of the Tallaght community monitor the situation every day to ensure that no damage has been done to the beloved bridge.

South Dublin County Council never gave the community any indication that it was going to be cut. In fact, the bridge area was cordoned off in mid-May when the site was cleared by contractors.

The Tallaght bridge before dismantling

However, community members watched in horror on Tuesday as the bridge was removed with heavy machinery and packed into a dozen or more identical half-ton white bags.

Today, days later, the community is still looking for answers as to why the bridge was destroyed.

Albert Perris, Volunteer Heritage Manager at Tallaght Community Council, said: “We look forward to answers on how this 200-year-old structure could simply be overturned in a day and sacked.

Tallaght Bridge, South Dublin County Council
Tallaght Bridge after being removed

“A line must now be drawn and a clear sense of the SDCC’s value and leadership, the Tallaght community will no longer accept the destruction of what little remains of Tallaght’s history,” Perris added.

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