Stephens County Historical Museum Donates Portrait to FPH | Community

Over the past weekend, even greater significance ended up on the wall of the Foreman Prairie House. On June 26, in a Founder’s Day celebration, members of the Stephens County Historical Society donated a portrait of John Fowler to Foreman Prairie House (FPH).

Cova Williams, director of the museum, said Fowler may have been a member of the Foreman family.

“While I was cleaning the museum, I found this wonderful portrait of John Fowler,” Williams said. “I didn’t know who it was, so I turned to someone who was helping me and they said, ‘John Fowler, he was a member of the Foreman family’ – until now I didn’t have not been able to document this. “

According to Williams, the Fowler family also has a story in Duncan.

“The Fowler family is an old family in Duncan,” said Williams. “It is very fitting that the portrait is hung in the prairie house. The Board of Trustees of the Stephens County Historical Museum has therefore decided to donate the portrait of John Fowler to the Prairie House. ”

Laura McGouran, president of the Foreman Prairie House Foundation, said they didn’t know how he was related, but had been told the same thing.

“We don’t know how he’s related to the Foreman family, but we do know we’ve both been told the same thing,” McGouran said. “This photograph would be from the time of this house. The photographs you see in the house are reproductions of the originals, we keep the others in a family archive. The two I took out today are actually from the time – both from the girl, Lois.

McGouran said the photographs were around 100 years old.

“We’re so happy today,” McGouran said. “We will find a beautiful place for this portrait and we are very grateful to the Stephens County Historical Museum for sharing it with us and we are delighted to find out how it relates to family.”

McGouran said that since joining FPH in 2014, her mission has been to find an important historical woman regarding the history of the house.

“Before I found her relative, who still lives here Duncan, she was simply known to me as the housekeeper and nanny,” she said. “Her name is Priscilla Prince and a dear friend of mine is going to paint a portrait of her.”

According to McGouran, her descendants remain in Duncan and she held an important and historic place in the house.

“She helped raise Lois and helped in this house,” McGouran said. “After the mother died, Marietta and Lois were there, always helping her take care of the house.”

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