Renovated Irvine Historical Museum

Ellen Bell, President of the Irvine Historical Society

The Irvine Historical Museum has reopened to the public, and although it is Irvine’s oldest structure, visitors will notice its brand new look.

“Last year’s downtime gave us an opportunity,” says docent Mary Susa. “It allowed us to look at our exhibits and see how we might bring them into the future. “

What started as a refresh of outdated exhibits has grown into a larger effort to breathe new life into the museum.

Dedicated locals, like Peg Scott, spent hours of their personal time digging through the dusty storeroom to organize the material for future research use.

Irvine’s local electrician, Bill Weisfeld, updated the lighting. The fences have been repaired, the steps repaired and everything has been repainted inside and out.

Ultimately, the museum that preserves the history of the community was renovated and refreshed through a community effort.

The Irvine Historical Museum is now ready.

And Susa is convinced that she will continue to connect the city of the past with the city of the present.

“The past is always with us,” says Susa. “When trying to understand today’s issues, it helps to look at history to see how we got here. This way, the story stays alive.

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