Queen Mary: is the historic monument haunted or is it a hoax?


LONG BEACH, CA – It was their wedding night when they arrived at the Queen Mary. After a long day of dancing, eating and meeting their loved ones, the couple settled in at the hotel. They had drinks, watched the ship’s fireworks and quickly fell asleep.

But their romantic evening quickly turned into an otherworldly encounter when an unexpected, undead visitor entered (or floated) into their room unexpectedly.

Shortly after midnight, they woke up with a start and were greeted by a tall, ghostly-looking sailor lurking near the locked door to the next room. He looked at the couple, but was not threatening, they said. Loud music and festive chatter were heard in the next room, as a dull yellow light illuminated the figure. He turned and left without a word.

It was as if the sailor had drunk too much and accidentally got into the wrong room, they said, even though they were sure the adjoining door was locked. But about an hour later he returned. This time the couple shouted at her to ‘come out and stay outside’ – who had the nerve to walk into the wrong room twice?

The next morning, the newlyweds spoke to reception about their unexpected visit.

“I’m sorry sir, that is not possible. The door adjacent to your room was locked years ago and cannot be opened,” said the receptionist. “In addition, this room was vacant last night.

The newlyweds were my parents 28 years ago. Although their ghostly visit took place on the night of July 20, 1991, the story has continued through countless campfire stories, Halloween parties, and discussions on the Travel Channel. Ghost Encounters throughout their marriage. Their experience is not unique – Time Magazine has named the Queen Mary one of the “Top 10 haunted places“in the United States But is the historic monument really haunted, or is it a hoax? Many say there are still menacing spirits roaming the halls.

Queen Mary is a retired Brit liner which sailed primarily the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. After World War II the ship was refitted for passengers – but by the 1960s it was operating at a loss and was officially retired in 1967. Once docked in Long Beach, Calif., Discussions of haunted encounters began.

“Among the ghosts who still hang around are a deceased engineer in the engine room of the ship, a ‘lady in white’ and various children located throughout the ship, including the 1st class swimming pool,” according to the Queen Mary’s website.

There are also countless encounters around Reddit. One user said he was walking the deck of the ship at night when a man and woman walked past him dressed in “really old fashioned, Clothing worthy of the Titanic. “He followed them as they entered a room, but when he entered they were gone.

Another said they were on a haunted tour of the ship, and legend has it that a young girl drowned in the (now drained) pool. They felt a small child’s hand grab three of their fingers and start pulling them away from the pool.

Plus there’s the infamous haunted Cabin B340, which has a “large volume of recorded paranormal activity, with many stories of haunted encounters noted in the ship’s logs,” the Queen Mary website said. Reports date back to the last oceanic voyage in 1967. Customers complain that someone knocks on the door in the middle of the night, that the lights come on by themselves, that the sink faucet turns on and off. turn off by itself and the doors close by themselves. Guests have also reported that their bed covers were taken off while they slept and were waking up to see a dark figure standing at the foot of the bed, the website said.

Now the ship has plenty of events and activities to celebrate her spooky status. There are ghost tours, specials on Haunted Rooms (guests can specifically choose to stay in Cabin B340, if they dare) and their annual Halloween haunt, Queen Mary’s dark port.

So, have you stayed or visited the Queen Mary yourself? Have you experienced any paranormal activity or do you think it is a hoax? Let us know in the comments.

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