Protocol signed for the restoration of the historic Church of Saint-Eusthatios

Protocol signed for the restoration of the historic Church of Saint-Eusthatios

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, Dr Memduh Büyükkılıç and the Mayor of İncesu, Mustafa İlmek, signed a protocol for the restoration of the historic Saint Eusthatios Church in the district as part of the works of the Museum of the city ​​of İncesu.

A memorandum of cooperation has been signed between the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri and the Municipality of İncesu for the restoration and operation of the church, which is registered as immovable cultural property to be protected and property of the Municipality of İncesu, in the Yenicamii district of İncesu district in the metropolitan region Communal Presidency.

Speaking at the signing protocol ceremony, President Büyükkılıç said: “Our esteemed president continues to work in harmony as always, with an understanding of serving his city, city and people, knowing it as a form of worship. With its harmonious culture, the services rendered to our İncesu create beautiful works, İncesu almost develops and becomes beautiful, ”he said.

Speaking about industrial developments in İncesu, Büyükkılıç said: “The fact that it is right next to our city, that our organized industry today is a sought-after and developing region, that it is right next to our paths of national iron, that in the past, the machine tools of the late Professor Erbakan, known as Taksan, were clustered around industry. It is our duty to give the greatest support to Incesu, who is our sine qua non with his grapes and, above all, humble-hearted people, as well as beautiful industrial developments like these.


Declaring that they will restore the church, which is a caravanserai belonging to the Kara Mustafa Pasha period, which also contains historical textures and examples of civil architecture, which is a structure registered as part of religious works in the neighborhood and owned by İncesu Municipality, Mayor Büyükkılıç said: “To revive the historic monument, to bring it back to life, we are striving to make İncesu a museum in the context of the city museum and bring all the values ​​of our neighborhood there. We sign our protocol, we start the restoration work. May it be good for our city and our neighborhood. “


Büyükkılıç pointed out that İncesu, which will be frequented by people, is also the gateway to Cappadocia and continued his words as follows:

“Ürgüp is a beautiful and charming neighborhood right next to our neighborhood, which in the past had historical and administrative associations. Here again, the mosaic belonging to the early Byzantine period has been mentioned. History will be rewritten with this work undertaken by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, with the cooperation of our Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, our Municipality of Incesu and our Directorate of Culture, with the knowledge and supervision of our Office of the Governor, with the decision that we have taken from our commune to pursue this matter. The work on mosaics, which will bring great benefits to our region, has come to the fore. The data obtained from the studies carried out so far also made us smile. Hopefully we have seen that the region, and even Turkey, has become the center of important mosaic work in a way that has made us happy and delighted. As you know, there is a hot water operation on the Bosphorus Bridge, there is a hot water service. There is a hot water operation from the region in front of our organized industry known as Subaşı. Incesu is moving step by step to achieve the place it deserves with its agricultural, industrial, historical and cultural assets. By turning it into a destination, every tourist or visitor meets there the gastronomic grapes belonging to the special region, and by encountering the history, an environment that highlights the history is created. As you know, Sheikh Saban is a friend of Allah, and Turhasan is also a friend of Allah. In other words, we are talking about one of the most important parts of history and the city, such as the Seljuk, Ottomans, and Byzantines, which hosted different civilizations. We are talking about a lovely town that will make people talk and love as much as we talk. We are working together to transform it into a better equipped and more frequented place for people. “


Recalling that they have also made improvements to the facades in İncesu, Mayor Büyükkılıç said: “We are also making improvements to the facades so that our traders serve in a more physically beautiful environment and smile on their faces. Our project on the development of the square is ready. We will implement it. A cute and cheerful city will emerge. With the vocational school there, it has become a part of higher education and has become a privileged place due to its proximity to our city. It is also important to us. There is no dormitory problem. He is improving and improving in all aspects. Today we will carry out restoration work with a protocol that we will do concerning this inscribed church, the place that belongs to our municipality, and we will put a function there, as we know, a function which is the museum of our neighborhood will be busy, cultural work will be done, “he said.


The Mayor of Incesu, Mustafa İlmek, thanked Mayor Büyükkılıç for his support in his speech during the signing ceremony and said: “We are here to establish our protocol with our metropolitan municipality for the restoration of our St. Eusthatios in İncesu. There is not only the restoration of the church, but also the restoration of a building which is part of the historical and tourist destination of İncesu. All measures have been taken by our Metropolitan Municipality to bring to light the mosaics that started in Örenşehir, which have been waiting to see the light of day for years, and the restoration of our church, which is the second phase, is being carried out by our Metropolitan Municipality and our President of Memduh. Thanks to our metropolitan municipality, they supported us in this regard. He greatly contributed to the formation of this tourist destination in İncesu. We thank you, thank you, let it exist ”.

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