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Minutes from the historic town of Occoquan (1933 to 1935)


Provided by Mayor of Occoquan, Earnie Porta

City staff discovered minutes of Occoquan City Council meetings dating back to 1933. To preserve them and make them easily accessible to researchers and others, the records are being digitized and made available to the public on the Occoquan Historical Society website.

So far, the site contains the minutes from 1933 to 1935. Among the information that immediately stands out:

  • In the absence of a town hall, meetings were held in businesses and even in personal residences.
  • The city participated in the very brief Civil Works Administration (CWA), a New Deal program designed to provide jobs during the winter of 1933–34. Occoquan’s project appears to be related to a storm sewer and possibly involved the “Ballawhack Branch”, Ballywhack Creek of Occoquan.
  • Some will note that the scans reveal that on the back of some pages is the letterhead of the American Surety Company of New York, including an image of its iconic 19th century building which is now a landmark of the New York City. The town clerk at the time, BW Brunt, was an officer of the company and appears to have had the minutes of town council meetings typed on the blank side of his letterhead at times. A live scan of the back of one of these pages is included.

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