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Kurt Cobain’s childhood home has officially become a historical monument.

The late Nirvana frontman – who died by suicide aged 27 in 1994 – grew up on the modest estate in Aberdeen, Washington, where he lived between 1968 and 1984.

And the Washington Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation has now added it to the Heritage Register for “historically significant sites and properties found statewide.”

The owner of the property, Lee Bacon, has been busy restoring the house to its original condition and is expected to open the doors for private tours next year.

He also announced plans for a Tribute Lounge and Gallery Cafe in the city, where fans of the hitmaker “Come As You Are” will find various memorabilia.

Allyson Brooks, executive director of the Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation, told Rolling Stone: “In general, we want to be sure that we recognize that something important happened in a childhood home. .

“In this case, it’s Kurt Cobain, who developed his passions and musical skills in Aberdeen and in this house. All council members recognized the importance of the place.

Meanwhile, a cartoon of the Grunge icon recently sold for $ 281,000 (£ 199,000) at auction.

The self-portrait of the rocker “Smells Like Teen Spirit” playing his beloved guitar includes the words: “I don’t know how to play and I don’t care! “

And it’s signed: “Kurdt Kobain Rock Star (sic).”

The unique item far exceeded its estimated value of $ 10,000 (£ 7,000) when it was put under the hammer as part of Julien’s Auctions Music Icons sale in June.

Kurt gave the design to Jacque Chong, who photographed the grunge band during their ‘Nevermind’ debut album promotional tour of Singapore in 1992.

The caricature sale came after locks of the music legend’s hair sold for $ 14,145 (£ 10,005).

The blonde tresses of rocker “Blew” went under the hammer as part of the Amazing Music Auction by Iconic Auctions.

The hair had been kept from Nirvana’s tour in 1989 in support of their LP ‘Bleach’.

Kurt’s girlfriend Tessa Osbourne and a fan cut Kurt’s hair in Birmingham, England, and she then gave Seattle artist Nicole DePolo a single strand after the musician’s death.

The listing read: “This one-of-a-kind artefact is completely fresh on the market and comes with impeccable provenance lineage including images of Kurt posing with the woman who cut that hair, scissors in her hand and a fantastic photo. hair being cut!

“She provided the original bag with a handwritten provenance note, ’10 / 29/89: Tess cut Kurt’s hair in Birmingham, England, 27 Holy Rd., Handsworth, Birmingham B202BU ‘which is kept with the original complete lock. “

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