Increased funds for the Historic Landmark and Yarm Main Street

  • Chancellor Rishi Sunak visits Yarm to see how a £ 20million government investment will transform 18th century Town Hall and improve Main Street

  • The local community will benefit from new cycling infrastructure as well as new exhibition and gallery spaces, opening up access to cultural, employment and leisure opportunities.

  • Yarm, one of five locations in the northeast to receive a £ 100million share of the first round of the £ 4.8 billion leveling fund

The Chancellor visited Yarm today to see firsthand how the Government Upgrade Fund is launching a number of important local projects, which will spur growth and create an attractive place for residents.

Rishi Sunak visited the Main Street to see how £ 20million in government investment will transform the 18th century Grade II listed town hall into a welcome center and community learning space, creating opportunities and helping to stimulate employment and the economy.

He saw how the funding will widen the trail to create outdoor seating opportunities and explained to local business owners how improved access would increase their footfall.

The nearby village of Eaglescliffe will also benefit from the expansion of Preston Park and Museum to create exhibition and gallery space for international exhibitions. This will open up access to cultural opportunities in the region.

Yarm is one of five locations in North East England to receive a £ 100million share of the Leveling Up Fund’s £ 1.7 billion first round, as announced by the Chancellor in the budget of October. His visit precedes Small Business Saturday, a campaign to encourage consumers to “buy local” and support small businesses in their community.

Following his visit, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak said:

We want to improve every corner of the UK so that people have the same opportunities wherever they come from and can feel proud in the places they live.

It’s fantastic to come to Yarm and see the difference our £ 20million investment will make to the community. From the transformation of the historic town hall, the improvement of cycling infrastructure and the new exhibition and gallery space, this funding will make the region an attractive and accessible destination for visitors, while stimulating the economy. and employment.

Residents will also benefit from new cycling infrastructure. This will link employment sites and key residential areas to Yarm High Street and Preston Hall, making it easier for communities to access cultural, employment and leisure opportunities.

As announced during the Budget and Spending Review, the region will see record investment in local transport infrastructure, including millions to transform local transport across the Tees Valley, and up to £ 50,000 in funding from feasibility for a proposal to reopen the Darlington line to Weardale.

All of this builds on new city offerings announced in the spring budget for the region, including Thornaby-on-Tees and Middlesbrough, to help the region rebuild better after the pandemic.

More information

  • The first round of the Leveling Up fund announced in the budget will invest £ 1.7bn in 105 local infrastructure projects across the UK. The full list of successful projects is here

  • Photos are available on the Flickr page of the Treasury

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