Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philly to be named a Historic Landmark

There are over 2,000 cast aluminum markers scattered across Pennsylvania intended to “capture the memory” of significant places and events throughout Commonwealth history.

Unsurprisingly, Philadelphia has a bunch of them. The next one is expected to be added outside of Four Seasons Total Lawncare.

The small horticultural business became a global phenomenon on November 7, when former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani – acting in his role as President Donald Trump’s attorney – hosted a bizarre election press conference from the parking lot of the company moments after the race. called President-elect Joe Biden.

Why did Trump’s crew (which included a so-called witness who Politico identified as convicted sex offender) choose the Holmesburg landscaping company as the backdrop to launch baseless conspiracy theories about the vote in Pennsylvania? You assume it’s as good as mine, although the New York Times reported that it was still intended to be the location of the media briefing – and NOT the Four Seasons Hotel, which the president originally promoted due to of “a scrambled phone game.

What I do know is that the previously obscure small business has now become a global sensation. There are parody accounts on Twitter, a Zoom background (take advantage of by former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance), at least an original song, a VR Leisure from the northeastern Philly location, and merchandise for sale with slogans like “Make America Rake Again” and “Lawn and Order”.

There was even an 11-mile Four Seasons Total Landscaping Fraud Street Run at the Four Seasons Hotel that was so popular that the organizers decided to go virtual (and raised $ 19,000 for charity).

“It’s intentionally disorganized and hastily put together,” creator Jeff Lyons told the Inquirer. “Giuliani did something very stupid and we are making him stupider.”

I urge all Philadelphians to submit Four Seasons Total Landscaping at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, which administers the Commonwealth Historical Markers Program. History was written here in Philadelphia that day – near a sex shop and crematorium – and future generations deserve to be reminded.

Here is a recap of some recent cartoons from me and my colleague, Signe Wilkinson. For more editorial cartoons, visit the Investigator’s caricature section.

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