Councilor says funding needed to renovate historic landmark

Cllr Mitchelson with the view of Brampton Mote

One councilor spoke of the benefits of refurbishing a historic landmark in his neighborhood.

Councilor of Brampton and Fellside for Carlisle City Council Mike Mitchelson said the Brampton Mote, also known as Brampton Castle, needs renovations to make it more accessible, such as better seating.

The mote was historically an earthen and timber building, built on top of a ridge of high ground which afforded it a clear view of the Scottish border.

According to Castles for Battles, a website that collects information on Britain’s many castles, it’s unclear who raised it, and the fortification probably had a relatively short lifespan.

The historical significance of the site is something Mitchelson pointed to as one of the main reasons why renovations are needed, as it frequently attracts locals and also serves as a popular place to see the city.

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News and Stars:

He also said that some of the shrubbery would have to be removed to open up access to the view to tidy the site, that drainage work would have to be done and that an interpretive panel would have to be put up.

An exact figure is not available at the moment as to the cost of all the refurbishments, but Mike estimates the cost will be between £30,000 and £40,000.

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