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In 2019, the Centerville Historical Museum hosted a ‘ghost tour’ along Main Street to see some of the village’s historic buildings notorious for containing hauntings or resident spirits. The October march was born from an idea of ​​museum administrator Deborah Del Negro, and the event was a great success.

This year, with COVID still around, well, like a specter, the question has become whether to resume the popular walking tour. Rather than run the risk of having to postpone the event for a year due to health restrictions, Del Negro said: “Let’s bring this inside.”

For this season, the tale will take place at the museum on Friday, October 15, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Museum staff and tour guides from the previous walk will be on hand to talk about the different houses and buildings in and around the village. center which can shelter ghostly presences. They will tell some of the stories that gave rise to these unexplained phenomena, surrounded by the real-life adventures of the village’s first inhabitants, sea captains and other notable citizens. Call it “a mind trick,” Del Negro said.

Cape Cod, she said, provides the perfect setting for the ghostly events of October, as it’s one of the oldest parts of the country. Add that to the colorful New England harvest season, chilly moonlit nights and the region’s many stories of adventure and mystery, where the ‘real’ story is as exciting as it gets. imagine it. “Think of all the sea captains” who lived nearby in this village, she said.

It is said that Captain Mazzepa Nickerson (1837-1912), who helmed the schooners Belle Halliday and Clarabell, can still be seen on occasion in the house he built on the main street of Centerville.

Members of the T&K Paranormal Society will also join the evening of ghostly events, who will be on hand to share some of their investigative experiences in the area. In particular, Todd Koep, founder and lead investigator of the group, will discuss the group’s visit to the Centerville Historical Museum in the summer of 2019. That year, Koep and his team’s paranormal investigators arrived with their EVP (phenomena of electronic voice) and other recording and video equipment and spent two nights at the museum. During the program, they will recap their experiences in and around the many spaces of the museum, including its pantry and dining room.

Keeping no secrets, but “the first night was very active,” Koep recalls, and involved what he called “an interaction with several subjects,” including audio and other events. The team set up 20 cameras throughout the museum to try and capture activity over a two-night period. A “strange” object they found, he said, was in fact removed from the museum as a result of the investigation.

Koep said the team will also describe several other paranormal hotspots they visited in and around Cape Cod, and that he will hold a question-and-answer session after the presentation.

Freeman M. Crosby (1858-1907), probably pictured here with his wife, Malvine Marguerite (Seche), was listed in the 1900 census as a restorer.  He is known to be poisoned and then drowned in Wequaquet Lake, and his spirit is known to return to his old home on Main Street in Centerville.

Del Negro was a museum staff member who volunteered to be on-site at the 2019 event. When asked if she would be on the museum’s program to share some of what she said lived, she replied, “Certainly. “

Koep, who has been involved in paranormal investigations for 25 years, assembled a team of five investigators in 2017 to form T&K, said his team’s goal is to “investigate, document and educate” customers on the phenomena at a particular place, with an emphasis on intensive historical background research on the place in question. “Our number one priority is to document ‘the who and the why’,” he said.

Speaking of a possible return visit of the team to the museum next year, he said that “none of our cases ever end. They are never closed.

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The Centerville Historical Museum presents “Ghostly Happenings in Centerville and on Cape Cod” on Friday, October 15 from 7 to 9 pm at 513 Main Street, with light refreshments included. $ 15 (members $ 10). For ticket availability, call 508-367-0798. More information on

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