Barkerville Trust Says Historic Town $ 600,000 Underfunded – Williams Lake Tribune

Barkerville Heritage Trust calls on locals to support them by asking the provincial government to maintain their funding level.

The trust, which manages the historic town and park of Barkerville, said it had a “critical budget shortfall” of more than $ 650,000 in a proposed letter to Premier John Horgan.

The park is owned by the province and is operated by the trust.

The park had requested an operating budget of $ 2.65 million for 2021 and says it will have to cut programs if funding is not increased.

“Barkerville will be unable to open with a full interpretation and the range of experiences that we enjoy and expect. This concerns us deeply, ”the letter reads. “In our opinion, its opening this spring is essential to the economic, physical and mental well-being of the region. If the required funding is not available, the park will not be able to open and operate at the level expected by the public, resulting in a devastating loss of jobs, essential services and public programs.

According to the letter, the park was reserved for its pandemic capacity between July and September, welcoming 22,500 visitors.

“The park is the largest living history museum in western North America, and it belongs to all of us as British Columbians,” the letter read. “During the pandemic, Barkerville provided residents of our regions and the province with the comfort of familiarity while presenting an enhanced and tactile education from the perspective of our First Nations and the Chinese people. Barkerville’s historian-interpreters are irreplaceable, having honed their training and skills to authentically immerse visitors in the 1860s.

Letters similar to the one sent to Quesnel City Council have been sent to other governments and organizations in the region. Quesnel’s Council took the letter for information.

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