A Google Doodle for the State Historical Museum of Russia

Today’s Google doodle is a picture of the Russian State Historical Museum, one of the oldest and most revered Russian collections of Russian culture and history. It commemorates the 150th anniversary of the museum celebrated on Wednesday.

The doodle was created by Russian and Muscovite guest artist Tom Vagner.

“I would like my doodle to serve as a reminder of this beautiful place, its majesty and the vast collection it contains. I hope to inspire others to visit Moscow, the museum, and experience Russian history in person” , said Vagner in the Google Doodle Q&A section.

The artist was inspired by the red facade and the vertiginous towers of the museum. Vagner says his interpretation of the “Google” sign was inspired by Old Church Slavonic religious books and manuscripts.

Located in Red Square, the state historical museum was founded in 1872 by decree of Alexander II with a mission to honor and record the cultural evolution of the nation. It holds more than 4.5 relics from antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century.

The 39 halls of the museum display rare artifacts such as objects belonging to Ivan the Terrible, sculptures by Mikhail Vrubel, paintings by Ilya Repin and the largest collection of coins in Russia.

The institution also exhibits the full family tree of Russian rulers as well as their portraits.

Doodles are the tech company’s creative way to celebrate the holidays, birthdays, and accomplishments of distinguished individuals and institutions.

Google’s doodler team created over 4,000 original illustrations.

Among some of the most memorable Google doodles are animated videos for Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday and a 2019 interactive slideshow celebrating International Women’s Day.

Today Google announced “Happy 150th Anniversary, State Historical Museum!”

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